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About Me

My story goes like this....

For as long as I can remember, I've loved the idea of taking something small and making it BIG! 

So, at an early age, the ideas of investing and entrepreneurship grabbed hold of me.

Maybe it's because I didn't come from a family with money. I don't really know.

What I do know is that it was always clear to me that if I could master the art of investing, I could change my financial future in a way nothing else I knew of could.

And so I started looking for resources related to money and investing that I could devour. 

I read tons of books, watched hundreds of videos, and listened to way too many podcasts searching for strategies and tactics that would help me succeed as an investor.

At one point early on in my self-study, I came across a book that changed everything for me. The book is called "Buffett: The Making Of An American Capitalist". I remember reading the entire book on a flight across the country and from that moment on, I was hooked on this idea of value investing.

After reading that book, I proceeded to read every book I could find about Mr. Buffett. Then I went on to reading Security Analysis, The Intelligent Investor, Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits, Beating The Street, and so many more books written by or about the greatest value investors of all time.

Saying I was hooked is an understatement. I was fascinated and I was ready to put what I had learned into practice.

But there was a problem...

By this time, it was 2008 and I was stuck in a career that, while it paid well, I couldn't stand. Furthermore, the world economy was falling apart and I was looking for a career change, which meant I needed to save the money I did have, not start throwing it into the wildly volatile markets.

So, I began thinking about ways to get into the investment markets as a career. I figured I could learn the ropes, save some more and then, when the time was right, start my investing career.

I quickly learned that being from a smaller town in the State of Washington wasn't going to help my chances of landing a big Wall Street type gig and I knew I didn't want to be a financial planner (which is what most people in the investment markets do in small towns).

I also knew I didn't want to move. 

So, I started looking for other careers with the same type of opportunity offered by Wall Street. I knew I wanted to do something that offered unlimited earning potential, allowed me to be entrepreneurial and, at the same time, offered the ability to invest.

My searching led me to commercial real estate and I just happened to have a family friend who had made his living in the industry.

He was a commercial real estate developer who had done quite well for himself and so he and I began meeting occasionally to discuss my next move.

I quickly learned the commercial real estate industry checked every one of the boxes that were most important to me. Moreover, I realized how much of an impact commercial real estate has on communities and our ability to shape them and that got me even more excited.

Despite the collapse of the economy, he continued to encourage me to get my real estate license and jump into CRE. He told me there was a great company (Prime Locations) I could hang my license at, whose owners could teach me the ropes. 

I was twenty-five at the time and my only other immediate option on the table was selling medical devices, a career I knew I'd hate, not to mention, it didn't check either of the two boxes that were most important to me (entrepreneurship and investing). 

So I enrolled in a real estate licensing class and about a month later, I was a licensed broker in the State of Washington. A few weeks after that, in February of 2009, I was officially working for the company my friend had told me about.

Six months later, I purchased one-third of the company and within two years of making that purchase, I had purchased the remaining two-thirds. 

Fast forward nine years and here's where I'm at today...

My real estate company has continued to grow. Today the Prime Locations team is made up of 40 (or so) fantastic people. We manage close to $300 million in assets and broker transactions in excess of $50 million (or so) dollars annually. 

Additionally, I started a development and acquisitions company, Monolith Properties, and have put several partnerships together that have invested millions of dollars into commercial real estate using the same strategies and tactics that I share here. These partnerships have experienced fantastic returns and I continue to put more of them together each year. 

I'm excited for what the future holds and I'm ready to share what I've learned over the years with people like you who are looking to start investing in commercial real estate.

I don't share the above with you to make you think higher of me than you ought. Rather, I share it to (hopefully) encourage you that if a 25-year-old kid from a somewhat small town, with big dreams, possessing no formal finance education, can scrounge up enough information and insight to change the trajectory of his life and his financial future in a reasonable amount of time, then so can you!

I also share it with you because I want you to know that the stuff I share, I've actually done. I'm not one of those people out there trying to coach people without ever having actually done what it is I'm coaching.

This is the stuff I live and breath every day and I've been fortunate enough to close hundreds of transactions over the years and to see, literally, thousands of potential deals come across my desk. 

It's because of that experience that I can help simplify the complexity of investing in commercial real estate for you and help you become a successful commercial real estate investor.

If you're ready to take the first step to learning how to intelligently invest in commercial real estate, here's what to do next.

Enroll in my FREE "Commercial Real Estate Investing, Simplified" mini-course today and learn how the commercial real estate industry works, how wealth is created through investing in CRE, what risks exist (and how to mitigate them), the mindset you need to invest intelligently in any market cycle, and more!


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